That’s Not a Toy

Okay so last night I did something that was a big no-no.  I acted careless in the kitchen and got myself hurt.  Always be safe when using knives or any other cooking aid that has a blade.  This is the story.  It was about 10pm last night when I decided to make myself a smoothie for breakfast the next morning.  How smart I was to think ahead.  I was going to use fresh mango and frozen peaches and pineapple.  I put all those ingredients into a bowl and took out my handy-dandy handheld blender.  I think you know where this story is going but I have to go ahead and finish the story.  Back to the blender, it is a cheap little thing that I got to hold me over until I bought a nice blender.  Its two speeds are on and off and it often gets stuck when trying to blend large chunks of food.  While blending the smoothie, you guessed it, the blade got stuck from a pineapple chunk.  I went to go remove the chunk with my finger when I accidentally put too much pressure on the button that turns the blender on.  So the small blade whipped on and sliced my finer on both sides.

I felt the initial pain and said, “shit, I cut my finger.”  My roommate was in the living room and did not see what had happened but asked if everything was okay.  I said “umm I just cut my finger on the turned on.”  All I had to do was see the blood, nope, I do not do blood, I have no stomach for it.  My roommate rushed in, I was pale, sweating and holding a bloody paper towel around my hand.  I just about passed out from sheer anxiety that rushed through my body.  I had no idea how bad I had hurt myself but I was really nervous to find out.  My roommate was amazing.  She wrapped my finger up and rushed me into a cab, stayed with me at the hospital, let me squeeze her hand when I got a shot and rubbed my back while I got my stitches.  I only needed 4 stitches and that was enough to learn my lesson.  Moral of the story, be cognizant in the kitchen.  While you should always have a good time, be mindful about what you are doing,  It only takes a second for things to go real wrong.


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