Night Out with the Gals

Last week a group of co-workers and I munched on some delightfully delicate and delicious bites over at The Source, one of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants.  We had such a wonderful time, not just because we enjoy each others company but because the food was just divine.  Every morsel of food was meticulously cut, cooked, placed and displayed to perfection.  We enjoyed what the Lounge of The Source calls its happy hour special.  Two sushi rolls and two glasses of wine for around $20.  This is an amazing deal because a single glass of wine normally at this restaurant can cost anywhere from $10-20 dollars.  Their wine-by-the-glass menu was pretty big too.

Our group got several other appetizers to share in addition to the two rolls that each of us received with the deal.  Just look at how pretty the sushi rolls look.

The roll on the left was their pickled vegetable roll and the one on the right was their Yellowtail roll.  The waiter told us that they import a special type of rice for their sushi and they use REAL wasabi.  Now I didn’t realize this but just about every time you indulge in sushi the wasabi you get is not real wasabi but in fact it is western wasabi.  Western wasabi is a mixture of American horseradish, green dye and  mustard.  Real wasabi can be hard to find and is very expensive when bought outside of Japan, upwards of $100/lb!  This was my first experience with real wasabi and I have to say I never want to go back.  It not only brought heat but also had a sweetness component to it that complimented the fish very nicely.  This is not the stuff you’ll want to mix in with your soy sauce, it has such a delicate flavor and interesting texture that you’ll want to put a little bit right on your sushi directly.

This picture, believe it or not, is of The Source’s spicy tuna tartare.  It was wrapped up like a savory scoop of ice cream in a sesame miso cone. Crunchy and spicy.  What a treat!

This was their pork belly dumplings.  Now I’m not a big fan of pork belly mostly because my past experiences with pork bell was all fat and I don’t find it enjoyable to eat just fat.  And subconsciously the Jewish part of my brain wants me to say no to pork, but come on bacon is god’s gift to the world, so i just tell that part of my brain to shut it.  This dumpling was so tasty from the filling to the dumpling skin.  It was neither chewy nor too salty.  I have to say this dish changed my perspective about pork belly.  It might do the same for you.

Now this last dish was The Source’s chicken and mushroom dumplings.  You can see my chopsticks creeping up on that plate.  These were so delicate and i thought the presentation was just gorgeous.

I had such a lovely time at Wolfgang Puck’s The Source.  Every dish was well thought out and executed perfectly.  While eating there is a bit spendy, it is well worth it.


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