The Big “V” word

Okay, so I wanted to let all of you know about my growing curiosity in the vegan lifestyle.  I have to say that this lifestyle is something I am very skeptical about mostly because it can be such a restrictive diet.  My personal philosophy has always been to just eat everything in moderation and to exercise a few days a week (very scientific, I know). I thought that it might be interesting to write, cook and do a little research on the movement and lifestyle to share with all of you.  Now I know what most of you are thinking “Eww vegan food is weird.  If you want to keep me interested you should probably just cook something with bacon in it instead.”  Now hold your horses my meat and cheese-loving friends.  You can’t trash something you haven’t tried.  I have decided to be the sacrificial lamb (so all of you can continue to enjoy your mac-n-cheese, sirloin steaks and ice cream) and try this vegan thing for myself so I can then decide what I really think of this whole thing.

Now I say lifestyle because vegans choose not to eat any animal derived products.  This is not an accidental decision it is actually one of great self-discipline.  Now I know that there are a lot of preconceived notions people have about those who participate in the movement.  I want to say, vegans I understand that you do not want to come across as self-righteous and meat and dairy lovers I understand that you don’t want animals to be tortured for your consumption.  There, a truce. now you all behave yourselves.  I want to bridge the ideas and values from all you folks, form an appreciation and alliance between the two, three if you separate meat, dairy and vegan groups.

Now it wouldn’t be satisfactory to cook one vegan dish and call it a day.  I have decided to challenge myself to 21 days of living the vegan lifestyle.  Why 21 days? Well because after as little time as a week, I know I will not feel the full effects from having changed my diet.  I also would not be able to internalize the lifestyle’s outlook on life and food.  So god help me, I embark on this adventure next week starting on Saturday the 1st.  I have already gotten started on finding cool and interesting vegan establishments in DC that I cannot wait to try out and share with you.  Stick around and have faith, a vegan diet does not have to be a wet blanket at the meat and dairy-lover’s party.   Stay tuned and if you have any advise, recipes or know of any vegan establishments in DC please, please let me know.


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