Welcome to the Big Leagues

The day has approached.  We have conditioned all year for this one meal, practicing for judgement day.  We’ve chopped, sautéed, roasted, boiled, grated and baked.  It all has led up to this one day: Thanksgiving!  This happens to be my favorite holiday.  I love the tradition, food and most importantly family time.

I am in Boston this weekend visiting my wonderful cousins.  My family and our cousins have enjoyed thanksgiving together for the majority of my life.  We take the thanksgiving feast fairly seriously and always execute with flair.

Today was our prep day.  We got to catch-up on each others lives and get a little practice in before the big day.  We made some quiches for lunch, baked some cranberry muffins (one of my mom’s recipes), got the stuffing made, made my aunt’s famous cranberry sauce and made our sweet potato side among other things.

I will be posting tons of pics all day tomorrow so follow me on twitter.  It’ll take me a while to put up recipes but be patient.


One thought on “Welcome to the Big Leagues

  1. Another great year together with all the hoopla. The anticipation is building up. I am looking forward to a meal even better then the years prior!

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