Who Said You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

What if I were to tell you that I made the sushi roll  in the picture above all on my own, would you believe me?  Last week I went to my first cooking class, it was called Just Roll It.  We learned how to make several basic rolls and man, I didn’t realize how difficult it was to do.  I have to admit I walked into the class thinking “I’ve got this” but boy was I wrong.  I did not make the roll above, it was actually picked as the best roll in the class, below is the california roll that I made.

Even though I didn’t win best roll in the sushi making class, I commend myself on the progress I made.  My first attempt did not go over so well (see below).

The main problem with my rolls was that I couldn’t roll them tight enough.  When I didn’t make my roll tight enough, all the ingredients fell out once I tried cutting it.

Our Sensei (teacher), the guy on the right, is the sushi chef from Whole Foods.  I’m pretty sure he was Hispanic but that’s just a side note.  The guy on the left was the class “helper” , I’m pretty sure he was an employee of the company that organized the class.   the company who put on Just Roll It (the name of our class) was I Wish…Lessons.  They are located in several cities including Boston, Chicago and Detroit and the classes vary from Beer and Bacon pairing to Spanish Tapas.

I took the “Just Roll With It” class with my boyfriend and it was a lot of fun.  We had a few good laughs poking fun at each others sub-par sushi rolls then giving each other advice on how to make the other person’s rolls better (as if we knew).

Here is my attempt at the Spicy tuna roll.  It looks pretty good but I had our instructor come over for assistance, so it was not without a little help.

Our instructor demonstrated each roll before asking us to do it ourselves.  My boyfriend and I were convinced that we were set up to fail from the start because we never got as much rice as our instructor used in each one of his examples (wishful thinking).

To conclude, we learned the basics in sushi rolling and had a good time.  We learned a few tricks for how to make homemade rolls taste like they came from a restaurant and got to poke fun at ourselves when they didn’t look like they were made at a restaurant.  I must say that the BYO policy was a nice touch to the class.  This could be a fun activity for friends and couples alike.  I would definitely say that the class was helpful and I might, just might attempt making sushi rolls again.


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