A New Neighbor

Hey everyone, Hope you all had a good weekend and ate some good breakfast.  I love the weekends because you get to go out for breakfast/brunch.  This weekend I had the good fortune to check out a new establishment in the Dupont area Bethesda Bagels.  Bethesda Bagels’s first location, appropriately stated in the store’s name- Bethesda, has just recently opened up its second location in Dupont Circle (just north of the circle on Connecticut).  I was so excited because I feel that DC, while offering tons of different restaurants and markets, lacks a good bagel shop (and deli but that’s another story for another day).

My friend, who lives in the area told me about Bethesda Bagels opening up and so I was determined to go try it out.  Then a couple of weeks ago Groupon came out with a deal for Bethesda Bagels: pay $11 for a baker’s dozen bagels and two tubs of cream cheese.  Of course I had to purchase the deal and on Saturday I redeemed it.

The shop has a huge selection of different bagels (that they make right there in the store) and sandwich stuffers.  Of course they have bacon, egg and cheese (or sausage) sandwiches but I was there for the good stuff.  They have nova and belly lox, whitefish salad and smoked whitefish, sable, kippered salmon, herring (in cream and in wine) and of course your more commonly known tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad and homemade cream cheeses.

Being a NJG (nice Jewish girl), I got a whitefish salad bagel sandwich and a nova, cream cheese bagel sandwich that I split with my bf (who has enthusiastically adopted my Jewish food habits).  He has really taken to lox, which makes me so proud.  It almost seemed as though he was more excited than I was to go to Bethesda Bagels this weekend.

marble bagel with whitefish salad, tomato and lettuce

Above: Black and white bagel (half pumpernickel half plain) with whitefish salad, tomato and lettuce.

Below: Sesame bagel with nova (less salty than belly lox), plain cream cheese, tomato and red onion.


sesame bagel with plain cream cheese, nova lox and tomato

Overall I was very pleased with quality and flavor of the bagels, fish and cram cheese.  Bethesda Bagels has a lot more food options than I had mentioned above.  They also have bagel dogs (hot dogs wrapped in bagel dough), pizza bagels, flagels (flat bagels), pizza, linzer tarts, rainbow Italian cookies (among other sweet things) and pickles.  For breakfast or lunch, this place is just what DC needs.  I will certainly sleep easier at night knowing that I can get a half pound of thinly sliced lox any time I need and I’m sure there are some of you out there that feel the same way.


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