Chase that Truck!

Hello to all you Live-2Eat readers! My name is Hailey Goldstein, and I am Britt’s (creator of this fantastic blog) sister. It seems like passion for food runs in the family. Food is a way to bring people, cultures and communities together.  It is also a way to express ones creativity and heritage.

Now, even though Brittany is a semi-expert on all things food related in D.C., NYC is 100% my territory. I will be writing a guest blog every now and again on the crazy FOOD TRUCKS around NYC (the city so nice, they named it twice).   As far as I am concerned ,sorry to break it to you Britt, NYC has the BEST food around and I cannot wait to share what I’ve munched on with all of you.  My first food truck adventure is going to be The Bistro Truck.

You might be asking yourself why, if I’m living in the city with the best food, would I follow around food trucks?  Well, I am just a small little intern in this huge city which means two things; 1. I am broke, and 2. I have a measly 30 minutes to grab lunch. For these two reasons I’ve taken to the food truck fad and benefited quite well I must say.

Bistro Truck is one of the few trucks that can be found at Union Square consistantly. Now I know you may be thinking, Bistro Truck… that must be French food, actually they serve Moroccan/French inspired dishes and wow, are the flavors of Morocco ever prevalent.

I got a Chicken Brochette, which I mispronounced upon ordering as I could not read the messy chalk-board menu (at least that is what I told myself). As far as food trucks go, it took no time to order as there was hardly any line but I had to wait about 15-20 min for my food to be cooked and served.   This annoyed me a bit because us New Yorkers are always in a time crunch and like I said earlier, I only get a 30 minute lunch break. but I do have to say that the wait was 100% worth it.

I have to apologize for not taking a picture of the whole, intact sandwich but I was so hungry that I dug in right away. The chicken brochette sandwich was served on a warm, miniature baguette with cubes of marinated chicken, field greens, and some sort of morocco aioli with caramelized onions and tomatoes. Can you say YUMMM-UM-MY.  The chicken was moist and juicy, which says a lot because I am not the biggest chicken fan.  Too often I find chicken dry and flavorless so enjoying the chicken was a big step for me.  The charmoula (aka the aioli) was awesome, it would be good on anything, I wish I had a bottle of that stuff just hanging out in my fridge–I’d put it on everything.

Also a plus, the sandwich was filling, I could only eat 2/3 of it, and it only cost me $7! Other offerings on their menu include classic Morrocan fare like Vegetable Tajine (a stew), Chicken Pastilla (a sweet and savory meat pie) as well as more typical American fare items like a lamb burger and my chicken brochette sandwich. The best part was that nothing on their menu was more than $10.

Also while waiting for my food I made a celebrity sighting!

It was Nate Berkus! you may know him as Oprah’s interior designer who now has his own daytime talk show. Oh Oprah, I miss you girl.

I guess I am not the only one that loved their food. What I ate was delicious and especially considering the price. If you are in a rush, however, I would not recommend this truck because of the wait.  If you have 20-25 min to spare then go for it. Until next time, remember food is passion, so live life passionately!

You can follow them on Twitter at @BistroTruck or check out their website at


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