Baby it’s Cold Outside

Across the country, people are experiencing rain, snow, sleet and hail. For this reason I am posting warm, cozy soup recipes! There will be at least two recipes (maybe three!) coming your way in the next couple of weeks. Today we will be focusing on cooking the ultimate smoky, savory and filling chili.


When it comes to chili, there are a million different ways to make it depending on your preference.  Some people focus on a combination of different beans, some people get real heavy on the tomato and other chili recipes are all about the meat. The recipe I chose to use for this post is a real goldilocks, it has relatively few beans, crushed tomatoes, liquid smoke and incorporates Mexican spice with chipotle and serrano peppers.  I hope your mouth is watering because this recipe is to die for.

If you are looking for something to warm your belly on these cold winter nights, look no further. Just give yourself a few hours to prep as you have to marinade the sausage and steak.  That is easy though, you can throw the meat marinade together in the AM, go to work and cook it all up at night or put the marinade together the night before and throw it all in a crock pot before you go to work.

Now this chili recipe is not something I concocted on my own, in fact I found the recipe on FoodGawker (absolute food porn if you are into that kind of thing). The recipe is from the food blog Dessert Now, Dinner Later!  and the chili won 2nd place at the author’s local Chili Cook-off, so you know it is going to stand up to other chili recipes. Thank you Amber, great recipe!!!

The chili is so unique because of the liquid smoke and chipotle peppers in adobo sauce are used to marinade the meat.  These ingredients bring a whole other layer of rich and spicy flavors to the soup, you will absolutely find yourself craving this once you’ve made it.


The main changes I made to the original recipe was halving all ingredients (and even then only using 75% of the meat mixture) and adding about 1/3 cup of water, which I found cooked off after simmering the chili for a couple of hours.  The original recipe yields 16 cups of soup, so 8 cups worth of soup was more than enough for stocking up.  If you are just cooking for yourself or don’t care for leftovers, you can even cut the recipe to 1/3 the original.

Here is the recipe and here is something to listen to as you cook. Enjoy and stay warm tonight!



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