Buzz, Buzz Meal Planning


I was a little slow to catch on but Buzzfeed interestingly publishes food planning posts on their website.  Food planning and food preparation is, for most single people and families alike, one of the least fun and super time-consuming tasks that we encounter on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis.

We don’t always have time to figure out what we want to cook for dinner, pack for lunch or eat for breakfast before running out the door everyday.  This is why so many of us eat out or order food in.  Unfortunately, this alternative is can be expensive.

Food planning and meal preparation takes hours (especially if you have a family) of precious time nobody has but it can be incredibly friendly on your wallet. So up until recently we’ve all be stuck between a rock and a hard place–save time and lose money or save money and lose time.

Luckily over the last several years, thanks to the Internet and general demand for applications to save us time, there are a myriad of options to take the work out of meal planning, preparation and cooking.

On one end of the spectrum, there are businesses that take all the planning and preparation out of the equation. Blue Apron is food delivery system where all you have to do is choose a delivery date and inside each package are perfectly portioned ingredients along with a fairly-straightforward recipes to get dinner on the table fast. I believe you can even set up automatic deliveries so there is absolutely no stress or planning involved.

If you prefer to have a lot more control over what you cook, there is an application that formulates a grocery lists based off of what you want to cook–streamlining all your groceries onto one list instead of having to refer to multiple recipes or lists.

My new favorite tool (as of a week ago) is using something like Buzzfeed, which provides several recipes and a single grocery list for one weeks worth of food all planned out. YAY!  I’ve only tried this once but it was actually very helpful.


Many of the ingredients served dual purposes and it was simple to edit recipes to my tastes.  For example two of the recipes called for chicken thighs but marinated and prepared differently.


To make it easy on myself, I bought one large package of chicken, marinated and cooked all of it it based off of the first recipe and set half the cooked chicken aside to make the second recipe. When I did this, I cut out two steps of meal preparation later on in the week and the food tasted just as good.


The 5 meals I prepared were portioned perfectly for 2-3 servings so there were leftovers for lunch and even potentially dinner the next night (for singles), so I didn’t feel the need to cook 5 nights in a row.

Here is a link to the Buzzfeed post of all the recipes I cooked. You might just find that something like this saves you lots of time and money.  I hope you enjoy your experience as much as I’ve enjoyed mine.

Enjoy the pictures of my favorite meals from the list of 5–Chinese Chicken Salad and Jalapeno-Lime Chicken with Black Beans and Carrots.





One thought on “Buzz, Buzz Meal Planning

  1. Technology can save you time. Well done on using apps and planning yourself. Love your blog, the pictures. That chicken thighs and Chinese recipes just look great 🙂

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