Nothing Rhymes with Rhubarb

SONY DSC I was trying to come up with a fun title for this post but I got distracted–is there a real word that rhymes with rhubarb? Word Hippo claims the arb, barb, and garb rhyme with rhubarb but I don’t think they count.

Anyway…let’s get to the cooking!  This week I am cooking with rhubarb.  You probably saw them in the farmers market starting back in May but they are still around, you just might need to search a bit harder for them now.  I know that summer is technically over, so I wanted to get one delicious fruit crumble into the blog before it is entirely unfitting.

Fruit crumbles are a simple dessert, very little prep work involved, and are not super sweet like cakes and cookies.  I love fruity desserts, especially during this time of the year when peaches, apples and pears have come out to play!  You can make a crumble with many fruit–not just berries (like what I did below).  I may do a fruit galette later in the fall, so watch out for that.  Here’s an example recipe of a fruit galette, heyyo.


I think what I like best about cooking with rhubarb is the “danger” aspect.  Be sure to cut off the leaves from the pink stems because the leaves are poisonous.  Danger never tasted so good, am I right?

I would suggest using Epicurious ‘s Strawberry and Rhubarb Crumble recipe HERE but half the sugar!  If you use all the sugar recommended in the recipe, your crumble will be too sweet and lack the tart pop at the finish of each bite.  If you like your dessert a little sweeter, add a little more sugar, but from personal experience the full recommended amount is too much.  Also you’ll notice the recipe calls for vanilla bean, if you only have vanilla extract, that will work just as well.




If you like the recipe, try it again but with peaches or nectarines before they go out of season.  You can also use frozen fruit but be careful to defrost the fruit and drain the water completely before baking, otherwise your crumble will look more like fruity soup!!  Don’t eat fruity soup for dessert.


Enjoy your last few days of September!  Fall here we come!





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